Being north of 50 does not mean your interest in sex is dead.  Grown folks still have sex! As a matter of fact, it gets even better at our age because we lack the worries we had as youngins like pregnancy scares!  If you have not ventured out sexually then, what are you waiting for?  Come on, walk on the wild side!  Why not have a sexual bucket list of things you have yet to try?

Sexual experimentation is never a bad thing especially if you are in a loving, stable relationship.  Whether you are trying out some new toys or positions, the sky should be the limit, sexually, for you and your lover.  We have infinite sexual inspiration available to us via porn, the internet, magazines, and books, so there is absolutely no excuse for being boring in the bedroom.

We’ve come up with a sexual bucket list so that you can at least try to unleash that prim and proper, reserved side.  Don’t knock any of these 25 sexual suggestions until you’ve tried them:

  • Have long-distance sex and use your smartphone to control a partner’s sex toy
  • Go to a strip club with your mate
  • Have sex in front of a fireplace
  • Sleep naked
  • Talk dirty while getting busy
  • Wear stilettos to bed
  • Have sex on the dining room table or kitchen counter
  • Try a quickie on a hotel balcony
  • Masturbate together
  • Handcuff your partner
  • Share a long intimate kiss in the rain
  • Send a text telling your partner what you’d like to sexually do to them
  • Use ice to sexually tantalize
  • While dining out use your foot to massage your mate’s privates under the table
  • Play a board game and strip as you move
  • Tie your partner up
  • Have sex while blindfolded
  • Read erotic stories to one another
  • Have outdoor sex in a park or at the beach in the ocean
  • Have sex in a car
  • Skinny dip
  • Have sex on top of a running washing machine
  • Have silent sex and the first one to make a sound has to perform an oral favor on the other
  • Use feathers to sexually arouse your partner
  • Have sex with the lights on while maintaining constant eye contact


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