Sunday, May 16, 2021
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A conversation with the great Nikki Giovanni

During challenging times, there are souls predestined to carry out the work necessary to move humanity forward. They come as parents, teachers, educators, poets,...

Verda Byrd discovers she is white after 70 years of living Black

We are all surrounded by change; some of us are touched by dramatic and life-altering situations that may force us to reconsider how we...

Little changes you can make to extend your life

Growing older can be a biaaatch but thank God for it! According to researchers, most people can expect to live into their sixties and...

Lonely no more! The best dating sites for seasoned singles

Many seasoned single adults increasingly feel that their love lives are pretty much over because the pickings are either slim or none. Middle-aged women...

Bring sexy back into your relationship!

Many sexperts agree that passion is better over age 50. Just think, the kids are either out of the house or with one foot...

Buying a home? Do you understand the terminology involved?

The home-buying process can often be a confusing one — whether you’ve bought a property before or not. There’s a lot of prep work...