Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Black Lives Matter Protestor: Leon Goodman

Silent Protest: A senior walks 118 miles because Black Lives Matter

Leon Goodman, 69, is an unabashed ally and staunch supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement which has done more than any other organization...
Sad Black Woman

SAD during the colder months? You might have seasonal affective disorder

Janay Wilson, 61, does not look forward to the fall and winter months because she feels they are dreary, dark and depressing. “I get...
Stones marked with the word gratitude

Want more from your life? Develop an attitude of gratitude

One of the pleasures of growing older is the perspective it brings to the store of blessings that multiply in your life. In other...
mustard squeeze bottle

Eat these 10 aphrodisiac foods to get your sexy on!

As seasoned folks, we are quite familiar with the aphrodisiacs of yesteryear like oysters and chocolate. Throughout time, people have turned to foods and...
Black Woman supermarket shopping

Make food shopping more bearable and healthier

If you want to live healthier, begin making the necessary changes to your diet that will fuel you, so that your food shopping experience...
Turkey in fryer

Frying your Thanksgiving turkey? Learn how to do so safely

It seems deep-fried turkeys are a holiday must these days. Believe it or not, the one-pot cooking method is not a new culinary sensation. It...