Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Inform, Inspire, Empower

We appreciate where we came from, how we got here, and what we’ve achieved along the way!  



We remember 106-year-old runner Ida Keeling

Scientists are working feverishly every day to delay the aging process and the pace of advancement is astonishing. We’ve come to appreciate aging as...

All about menopause and your vajayjay

When menopause strikes, topics like sexuality and vaginal changes are oftentimes hushed convos in our community. Many women are pitifully unprepared for what is...

Questions about type 2 diabetes answered!

Diabetes has been categorized as the fifth deadliest disease in this country and sadly, the Black community is directly in its line of fire....

Make sex more satisfying in the New Year

Ever wonder if Sapphire and George ("Kingfish) Stevens on The Amos ‘n Andy Show made love? We knew from their chemistry that Good Times’...

“I’m about to turn 50 and seeking life lessons from my more seasoned sisters”

I am nearly 50-years old! Hallelu! I welcome this second stage of aging with gratitude! I pity those women who bemoan the idea of...

We love poetry…Flower in Bloom by Angela Kinamore

Flower in Bloom   One never knows the hour God chooses a flower bud to bloom So it is with Soul When God says now is the Time to step Into...