Is your relationship getting a little stale?  Well, it’s time to fire it up! The unexpected can be amazing. Who says you can’t be kinky past 50?  We 50-plus sisters know who we are and by now, should be comfortable in our skin.

According to Rachel A. Sussman, LCSW, a New York City licensed psychotherapist who specializes in relationship counseling, the decline of passion in a relationship is perfectly normal.  “We get tired of the same old, same old in every aspect of our life—jobs, fitness routines—and that goes for our relationships, too,” says Sussman.

However, don’t despair, if your relationship is giving you the yawns, you can bring excitement back into it.  Here are some adventurous ideas that should fire up your love situation but warning, the following tips are not for the prim nor prissy.  There are a few slightly raunchy suggestions that were thrown into the mix but isn’t this publication called 50BOLD?
  • Take sexy photos in your slutty best.  Invest in lace corsets, gartered lingerie, crotchless underwear and don’t forget the stilettos!  Shock your lover by sending him a pic of you dressed to sex, and you’ll be surprised at the greeting you’ll receive when you see each other.
  • PDA (public display of affection) gets lost after being with someone for years. An unexpected kiss, booty grab or even a love pat on his privates show that affection and caring are not things of the past.
  • Don’t ask, just grab him for sex when he walks in the front door or gets out of the shower. Let him know that Mama means business!  Sexperts say that many men actually do get turned on by a confident, take charge woman in the bedroom.
  • Be mischievous during a dinner date.  Try playing footsie at a restaurant where there is a table with a long tablecloth that is located in a reasonably private setting.  Footsie should be a gentle and playful way to entice your mate.  Lightly run your foot up your partner’s calf, knee, then move back down their leg.  If you’re getting the response you’re seeking, use your foot to then gently massage your man’s inner thigh and why stop there?
  • Allow your mate to be an audience of one as he watches you explore yourself sexually. Just think, he might want to offer some assistance before the performance is over!
  • Accompany your man to an event, and when you arrive, go to the restroom, remove your panties and when you join him again, discreetly stuff your underwear into his pocket, while coquettishly whispering your naughty deed into his ear.  You might wind up leaving the event sooner than later!