In our last issue, we addressed those men who should not have things in their grown up repertoire that can keep them from progressing or that makes them look foolish.

Now it’s your turn ladies!

Women who are over 50 are in their second spring but there are a few, who are in a race to remain forever young and to their detriment!

There is no doubt that being young is fast, fun, and exciting but there is a time and a season for all things. Trying to hang onto the fast lane too long deprives us of the earned gifts of introspection, self-understanding and deep thoughts that usually accompany growing older.

Female 50-plussers, it is time to embrace your glorious next chapter and not look ridiculous trying to hold back the hands of time. There are certain habits and ways of dressing that you must cut loose.

You are now seasoned queens sitting on well-deserved thrones. Wear your crown with honor and dignity. You are old enough to know what you want and young enough to know how to get it!

Here is a list of things that you need to ditch pronto:

Over-the-top manicures with designs on each finger

Owning a single set of bed sheets

Getting sloppy drunk

Holding a grudge

Wearing ill-fitting bras that emphasize saggy breasts or nips

A weave that cascades all the way down to the curvature of your rump

Cropped tops that are being challenged by bulging rolls

Wearing open-toed shoes with feet that haven’t seen a pedi in years

Trying to cinch a belt around a waistline that no longer exists

Wearing thongs that you can’t find at the end of the day

Crowding your bed with stuffed animals or dolls

Not using a condom in uncommitted relationships

Ignoring your health

Too much jewelry


Thinking you can’t get an STD at your age

Not exercising

Using your children’s or grandchildren’s slang

Putting everyone’s needs before yours

Going to the club

Not watching what you eat

Not loving your body

Friending your children’s friends on Facebook

Avoiding the dentist

Sporting clothing with writing on the derriere like Juicy or Pink

Wearing a tunic as a dress

Dating a man your son’s age

Strutting in pants that give you camel toe

Spandex anything!

Wearing rompers–you should not take your style cues from little girls