Aging, it happens to all of us, if we’re lucky! There are some men who just don’t want to grow up and embrace their seasoned years. When men reach a certain age, they should take stock of their lives and not resist adulthood. Being grown-up means being settled, comfortable, stable, responsible, mature and secure. An adolescent version of grown masculinity is not acceptable! (We’ll address you ladies in the next issue!) Let’s face the facts, life is finite, so men, open your eyes, clear your head, and self-exempt from the foolishness you should have put the brakes on eons ago. Here is a list of a few things that should not be in your grown-up repertoire:

Sleeping on a Futon or frameless bed on the floor

Maxed out credit cards

Displayed high school trophies

Shirtless lawn mowing especially if your belly jiggles and you have man boobs


Dating your daughter’s friends (Cat Daddy Syndrome)

Living with a roommate (significant other and children are exceptions)

Continuously announcing what you’re going to do career-wise, yet never making a move

Leather pants

Going to clubs


Behaving like a pimp and thinking your Crayola-colored suits are impressing women

Video Gaming

Living off fast foods

Adding another baby mama to your stable

Making excuses

Driving a car with fancy rims (wheels)

Blasting music from your vehicle

Using a toothpick as an accessory

Gold teeth grills

Hanging on the corner with Pookie and dem

Continuously borrowing money and never paying it back

Sporting two earrings

Sagging! (It should be punishable by law!)

Playing games with women’s emotions

Constantly saying you’re getting yourself together and never doing so