Swearing is a commonplace phenomenon in most adults’ everyday speech. It is hard as hell to stop cussing when you are up in age and have been used to doing so for decades. But language that is off-color can be offensive to many folks. When you add attitude and an emphatic tone to your already offensive words, you are going to be hurtful to the core, oftentimes abusive and might even damage a few relationships along the way.

Experts agree that uttering an expletive or two can help keep your blood pressure down because it is an emotional release to vent anger or frustration. It is even OK to use a few choice words if you are trying to be funny, or are in pain like when you stub your toe. Some clinicians have even proven that cursing in a positive scenario can make you come across as being more honest and authentic.

If you are tired of your potty mouth and want to clean up your act, here are some tips on how to do so:

Find a reason to stop swearing.

Change can come easily if there is a good enough reason for it.  Perhaps you now have grandchildren who don’t like it when you curse and have checked you about it quite a few times. If your grands are an important enough reason to motivate you to stop using foul language then look at yourself through their eyes and stop! Here’s what you DON’T want, your grands picking up the habit of cursing because they are mimicking YOU!

Enlist folks to help

Gather some troops to help you watch your language be it a friend, family member or even coworker. Let folks know what you are trying to do so that they can help keep your tongue in check.

Come up with new cleaner words

Make up a few new words that will have enough bite for you when you feel the urge to curse.  Some folks use the words “frickin,” “fudge,” or “motherfather,” which are not offensive.  You can always add oomph to the substitute words so that they will have enough of an impact to serve your needs. At the very least, others will find the made up words to be an amusing quirk as opposed to an inappropriate habit. Like when you hit your knee against a desk, try saying something like, “What the money!”

Pretend there are children around

Before you feel the urge to verbally let loose, try to imagine that there are children always in earshot who will be appalled or even upset at hearing profanity. You can also imagine that you’re always being recorded or listened to by people you revere like parents or clergy members.

Put your coping skills to work

If you live in this world you can expect daily annoyances that come at you from every which way!  Learn how to deal with these aggravating situations and don’t resort to cursing to get you through. You will be admired for using your sensibility and calm to tackle whatever has ruffled your feathers.

Try a swear jar

You’re probably familiar with the concept of the “swear jar,” where someone has to pony up some money for the jar every time they swear. Instead of using the collected monies for good, you will use the coins to buy something that will completely annoy you, so that you will NOT want to contribute to the jar.