As folks age, stuff happens, changes are inevitable, especially in the bedroom! As men age. their risk for erectile dysfunction creeps up, and premature ejaculation can become an issue. As women age, they will experience less vaginal lubrication that can make intercourse an ouch-filled session. Both older men and women might also struggle with negative body image and slower arousal time. Well, many couples have decided to go the outercourse route which still allows them to maintain a satisfying level of sexual intimacy, bonding but without penis-in-vagina penetration. Yes, you can still get your sexy on with outercourse.

  • Have a makeout session. Relationship experts swear that folks who lock lips often tend to be more satisfied, less depressed and stressed, and happier in their relationships. “It appears that there is something unique about kissing that is related to relationship satisfaction in a way that sexual intercourse is not,” says Rafael Wlodarski, a Ph.D. candidate in the University of Oxford’s Department of Experimental Psychology. If your partner is a good kisser, set aside some sexy quality time to go at it but don’t stop there. Make your kisses, long, soft, playful, passionate. Let your kisses travel to hit all those right spots.
  • Frottage or dry humping. Remember those long gone, blue light basement days? Well, you get the picture. Dry humping mimics the motions of sexual activity without actually having intercourse. It can satisfy sexual urges in a pleasurable, and exciting way and for many, it can even bring on an explosive orgasm (especially for women due to clitoral stimulation) and all while your clothes are still on!
  • Phone sex. Pretty much most folks have cell phones. Even if you live in the same house, you and your partner can still have phone sex but from different rooms. Just call your mate and let the sexy talk begin. Add a little voyeurism by FaceTiming each other. Let your freak flag fly 50-plussers!
  • Pleasure products. There are loads of pleasure products on the market. Some items can deliver pleasurable sensations to a number of areas on the body. Vibrators don’t solely have to be used for penetration! Pleasure products were made to bring sexual satisfaction to those adventurers who seek.
  • Tantric sex. The Hindu practice that dates back 5,000 years is all about creating intensity during intimacy. It is a cure for humdrum sex and offers couples a more satisfying mind/body connection that can lead to powerful orgasms. Tantric sex isn’t about making orgasm a goal. In fact, you try to avoid conventional orgasm for as long as possible, which really opens up the door for creative sensual and sexual play. During the practice, you breathe together, meditate together, and focus deeply on bodily sensations. The sensations can result from any slow and almost calculated stimulation from massage to oral sex. Some folks who practice tantric sex claim they can even reach a climax through merely breathing and meditation alone.
  • Bathing together.   Taking a shower or bath with your partner is erotic, freeing delicious. Lathering up each other, gentle touches, kissing, caressing, can make bathing a passionate, loving and sensuous experience for you both.