Just because you’re a certain age does not mean you have to kick your sexy to the curb! You might have shelved your sexy because of family life, career, and just everyday stress. All is not lost! You can still come up with ways in which to get your blood flowing in the right direction from folks, who share how they get their sexy back.

Beating my face: “I never leave my house without beating my face, wearing makeup, this makes me feel sexy. I keep it semi-light makeup-wise but love to make my lashes pop with a good dose of mascara. So when I bat my eyelashes, I get my fair share of attention from the opposite sex.”

–Fanessa Wilson, 57 from Charlotte, N.C.

Taking a course: “I feel sexy whenever I take an adult learning class because the more I know about a subject, the more interesting I am as a person and this boosts my sexiness factor as far as I‘m concerned.”

–Victoria Mann, 50, Bronx, N.Y.

Getting my hair done: “When my hair is looking good, I feel good. I especially feel sexy when I get my hair done at a salon. I’m single and ready to mingle, so I always want to go out on the night I get my hair styled because my confidence level is up. I’m feeling good, looking good, sexy is just oozing from me and all that good stuff, damn it!”

–Martica Johnson, 53, Los Angeles, Ca.

Having my teeth cleaned: “I know I’ll have the oddest response you’ll receive but I feel sexy after seeing my dentist and getting my teeth cleaned. When my teeth are cleaned professionally, I don’t even feel like eating afterward! When my teeth are white and dazzling, the ladies love my smile and it is especially confident after I leave my dentist!”

–Russell Wilson, 55, Columbia, S.C.

Doing Zumba: “Keeping my body tight is important to me. I eat right, exercise and love doing Zumba. Since the class only has women in attendance, I can get as down and nasty with my dance movements as I want to and the feeling carries over when I leave!”

–Denise Andrews, 61, Brentwood, N.Y.

Keeping company with a younger man: “I am a proud 56 and have a boyfriend who is 12 years younger! I keep a routine going of paying attention to my appearance, so that I can feel and look sexy for him. Ain’t no shame in my game!”

–Denise Grant, 56, Detroit, MI.

Meditation: “My sexy never leaves because I meditate every day and this keeps me grounded, connected and enhances my ability to sense and respond to the messages that my body is sending me.”

Charlotte Johnson, 59, Tacoma, Washington

Having a smarter wife: “My wife Stephanie is 15 years younger; we’ve been married 13 years and together for 17. How do I get my sexy back? Having a woman in my life who is light years smarter! I’ve never found anyone as easy to talk to.   I am able to bear my soul with her. Smart is definitely sexy in my book.”

–Tony Baker, 57, Newark, N.J.

Digital detoxing: “Whenever I can disconnect from my cell phone, I feel sexy because then, I can focus on me. I try to disconnect at least one day a week so that I can tend to the things I need to handle. I use my phone for practically everything and when I can get some quiet time away from it, I can get back to my sexy in a heartbeat.”

–David Harris, 60, Orlando, FL.

Cooking: “I love cooking a wonderful meal for my man. When he raves about a meal I make, I feel sexy and ready to go, you know what I mean!   I’m old school, so I truly believe good food is absolutely the best way to get to a man’s heart, trust and believe!

Dorothy Davis, 66, Cleveland, OH.


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