Foundations that are right for you

Foundations today are an important part of your daily makeup arsenal.

Here’s a given fact, as women age, skin tends to change. So hopefully, the foundation you applied on your once luminous skin some twenty years ago, is not the very same one you’re using today. Despite a commitment to an impeccable regimen of cleansing and moisturizing, the signs of aging will still creep in if you’re over a certain age but you can fight it every step of the way and using the right foundation is one way to go.

Foundations can provide the perfect base layer for all of the cosmetics to follow; they’re an important part of your daily makeup arsenal. The formulations in many foundations can provide the ultimate in smoothing out a complexion. There are a bewildering number of foundation choices these days and thankfully, many contain skin-loving extras that the more seasoned diva needs such as hydration, sunscreen protection, and even blurring effects that help to diminish pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.

We’ve come up with eight foundation picks that promote healthy, hydrated and vibrant skin.


  1. I have to say I LOVE the Urban Decay foundation! Ive used a few of the others as my “good stand-bys” when I run out of my “good foundations” like the Black Opal and Maybelline Fit, and they were good ones as well. I was however, very disappointed in the Fenty foundation. I was very excited upon hearing about the line and made a dash to Sephora to test it out and it just was a nightmare on my skin 🙁

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