Boost your sex drive with these foods

The foods you consume can affect your libido.

Menopause, manopause, work, family obligations, can make you lose your sexy. As we age, for many of us, life just seems to get in the way of lovemaking. Diet arguably has the biggest effect on how your body functions. The foods you consume can affect your libido because they support or stimulate processes in the body that relate to sexual performance and pleasure.

Want to prime your body for some mind-blowing sex?  Here are some foods that will get you in the mood STAT!


Watermelon–is referred to as a “natural viagra” because it contains citruline which relaxes blood vessels that leads to increased blood flow

Dark Chocolate–contains the compound phenylethylamine that opens the floodgates for endorphins and dopamine (the body’s feel-good chemicals) to flow within the body


Asparagus–high in folate, a B vitamin that regulates the production of histamine, the chemical that is released during orgasm

Red Grapes–contain boron a mineral that helps stimulate testosterone and estrogen which can send feel-good energy to your sex organs

Bananas–are high in bromain which helps produce the male hormone testosterone and women with high levels have higher sex drives

Red Peppers–contain lots of Vitamin C and this improves blood circulation to the organs and especially for women, this increases the female libido

Garlic— has the compound allicin that increases blood flow which helps to maintain strong erections

Nutmeg and Cinnamon–these spices are considered an aphrodisiac in many cultures, just their scent can improve a mood and rev up a sex drive

Pine Nuts–Pine nuts are high in zinc and can stimulate the libido

Lobster–Lobster is chock full of the mineral, phosphorus, which boosts the sex drives of both women and men. Plus, its concentration of essential fatty acids may increase sensitivity in your sex organs.