Iman at 63-years-young

Why is it that some women just look better the older they get? We won’t count those gals who shoot up their faces with Botox and plump up those crevices with fillers because their looks are just illusions. I’m talking about the real girls who can shave ten years or more off their age because they naturally look so damn good, so what’s their secret? Good genes? Luck? A healthy lifestyle?

Well, we spoke to a few women who shared some of their beauty secrets on how they manage to look so much younger than what their birth certificate states.

  • They use a hair color that lifts and brightens their skin by going a few shades lighter and even throw in some highlights for good measure! If they have grey hair they never, ever let the shade turn a yellowish hue. They steer clear of the kinds of things that can tinge their grey like cigarette smoke, hard water and prolonged exposure to UV rays. Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo neutralizes the yellow in grey hair with coneflower as it gently cleanses and balances hair and scalp; $48,


  • They keep their hair trimmed, conditioned and styled to fit the times. They refuse to look dated with a hairstyle they’ve worn since the year of the flood! They keep hair appointments and allow their stylists to make suggestions that will keep them current. Maintain your aging strands with Strivectin Ultimate Restore Densifying Foaming Treatment which helps put the brakes on hair loss as it thickens and strengthens strands every time you use it; $44,


  • They emphasize their eyes. They apply primer, lengthening mascara, liner and subtle eyeshadow shades to make eyes not only look larger but more defined. The eyes have it, and all of the attention goes straight to the peepers when they are looking their best. Solar Flare 18 Color Baked Eyeshadow Palette are warm-toned colors that can be used wet or, non-irritating, allergy tested; $18,

  • They keep their brows looking good. No grey or squirrelly brows! They make sure their brows are properly shaped and made full by the use of a gel, pencil or powder. Benefit Cosmetics Foolproof Brow Powder Kit comes in the shape of a brow; the lighter color helps fill in the front while the darker is applied from the middle to the tail end of the brow; $24, Macy’s



  • They wear one piece of jewelry that’s an attention-grabber. A chunky statement necklace or earrings add interest to your face and even brightens it. The head-turning Short Warm Beaded Pendant Necklace from Chico’s is styled with simulated stones, a gold-colored textured pendant and measures 17.5” in length plus a 4” extender chain; $55.50,



  • They make sure their hands and feet are always on fleek! Uneven nails with mismatched or chipped nail polish will age you! If you can, schedule regular mani-pedi’s and if you can’t, file, shape, and buff all to make them look presentable. Don’t want color on your nails, try a clear polish to give them a sheen. Chamois Nail Buffer and Nail Buffing Cream Set will give you lustrous, shiny nails while adding moisture and smoothing away unsightly ridges; $19.90, The Vermont Country Store,


  • They wear the right color lipstick. Depending on your skin tone, you can go subtle or bright with your lipstick but make sure it does not feather or bleed around the outer edges. Color the World Lipsticks are hand-poured artisan lipsticks that moisturize, have staying power and won’t feather or bleed into fine lines; $20,