Ode to ALT America
A nation built on an insidious lie
Its roots concocted of alternative facts
A made-up premise where white is supreme
Where the “right” complexion is all the power you need
Where anything other than white doesn’t matter
Every hue’s to be hated,
Loathed and despised,
Feel free to besmirch it.
To stomp it and trash it
To chain it and whip it
And try, though you might,
To even ignore it.
Go ahead, cast aspersions
Permission to kill.
After all, it’s free game
No need worry of blame
But only the twisted believe in your lies
Beware, Self-Entitled
You’ve lost something huge
Your humanity
Not a drop,
None for you.
You’re vile and disgusting
A cracked shell of mankind
No soul
No love
No count
Was that also a part of your plan?