The Invisible (Wo)Men


Now you can see them,

they want your vote.

Once they get elected,

then you don’t.

Shaking hands there.

Kissing babies over here.

They get sworn in;

then, they disappear.

“Vote for me, I can

get you what you need.”

They learn the ropes and loopholes

and get overcome by greed.

First, you see them when

they’re campaigning.

They renege on promises

leaving us complaining.

They don’t want us to criticize

what they don’t do;

just vote for them,

shut up, and go away too.

“I’ll lower your taxes.”

We know that’s not true.

“I’ll protect your civil rights.”

We know that’s a lie too.

“Your life matters to me.”

Tell that to the Vietnam Vet.

“I’ll see you get the help you need.”

That hasn’t happened yet.

“Of the people, by the people,”

sounds truly sublime.

“For the people” was only

once upon a time.

Hey, invisible politicians,

let me be perfectly clear.

You can’t have my vote on Election Day

when I haven’t seen or heard from you all year!



By RuNett Nia Ebo

Copyright © 9/11/2022 by RuNett Nia Ebo



RuNett Nia Ebo, ‘Poet of Purpose’ has been writing poetry since the age of 10. The creative’s work has been published in various magazines and books including Chicken Soup for the African American Soul. Ebo has also self-published several books, chapbooks, and lectures throughout the U.S. She is the creator of POET-IFY: Poetry to Edify, a family-friendly poetry venue where poets, spoken word artists, musicians, and singers flock to share their God-given talents on the open mic.