We love poetry by Oliver O. Mbamara…Because of YOU, I Rise

Because of YOU, I Rise


You are the ray of the rising sun,

Assuring me of a bright new day,

Filled with light and hope to have.

You are the cool breeze of my morning,

With soothing fresh air good for the heart,

Filling my being with lovingness.


You are the sweet bird of the morning,

Singing tunes of love and affection,

With cheers and courage for a happy day.

You are the bud of my blooming flower,

With scents and colors so beautiful,

And the gifts of nectar so tasteful.


You bless the dawn of my new day,

And because of you, every day I rise.


–By Oliver O. Mbamara



Reprinted from the book Love Poems and Quotes by Oliver O. Mbamara. He is a State Administrative Law Judge. The Nigerian creative is also an award-winning filmmaker, writer, actor, and poet; for more information, please visit www.OliverMbamara.com