If you think walking canes are just for the gray-haired set then you are dead wrong! Walking canes have been around for eons and give mobility aid when needed. After surgery or an injury, some people might need to rely on a walking cane to get around, and age, in these cases, is almost always a non-factor. The old fuddy-duddy-looking walking canes of yesteryear have given way to a hot new line of upscale fashion-forward designs that make you want to strut.

The unique designs of today’s modern aids give prestige and esteem to this unique group of walking cane users. Once considered somewhat clumsy and boring, the present-day offerings come in a range of colors, styles, and materials.

In the past, cane users were segregated into masculine and feminine selections, but this is no longer the case. With such a variety of stylish choices, many canes are unisex. The modern canes also have an increased weight capacity, and many are now longer too so that folks who are heavier or taller can feel supported.

Check out a few of the hottest offerings from The Walking Cane Store:

canepurpleThe Purple Crocus Hawaiian flower-design cane, with a matching rubber tip and wood derby-style handle, is suitable for day or evening wear. The exclusive design adjusts in height from 30-1/2 to 39-1/2 in 1-inch increments. It is also extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 12 oz. $35

The Hercules cane comes with an extra wide ergonomic Derby handle complimented by a brass band. Made from German Beechwood, the hardwood shaft is 44″ long with a rubber tip which can be easily cut to shorten. The walking cane weighs about 1.4 lb and has a shaft diameter of approx. 1-1/8″ at the top, tapering to approximately 1″ on the bottom.

Weight capacity is rated at 500 lbs. The company will be happy to cut this cane to shorten for FREE. $79

The European Ladies Crook Style Gold Walking Cane with Gold Chain is available in simulated horn, simulated shell, or simulated white ivory. The black Maple wood shaft is 3/4″ in diameter and 36″ long with a rubber tip attached. The cane’s styling makes you want to strut in style. $78

cane4The unisex cane has a contoured palm grip molded handle that is white marbleized acrylic on a walnut-stained hardwood shaft with the “Harvy” signature ring. A complimentary rubber tip is included. Please specify Right or Left hand. Cane Length:  36″ Replacement Rubber Tip: 3/4″ Also available in Extra Tall sizes. $70


Aluminum offset canes are the new fashion alternative. A firm soft cushion latex-free grip is designed to reduce fatigue. This stylish cane is made from 7/8″ aluminum adjustable shaft, which tapers to a 3/4″ lower tube with an easy push button adjustment from 30″- 39″ and secures with an aluminum lock nut for additional safety.  It includes a wrist strap and rubber tip. $54