The Reluctant Fashionista goes in search of natural hair

Natural tresses are being celebrated!

How do you spell f-r-e-e-d-o-m? N-a-t-u-r-a-l h-a-i-r!  More and more sisters are kicking perms, weaves, and wigs to the curb to embrace their naturally textured hair. The movement is revolutionary. The desired change is not a rage-filled, political, combative stance, against Eurocentric beauty ideals, it is just about self-acceptance and women championing the natural hair movement.

I went searching for women age 50 and over who decided to live a happy-n-nappy life. These women no longer subscribe to the age-old criticisms born out of Euro standards that natural hair is unkempt, not presentable and unmanageable. Countless sisters are now sporting their natural hair regally like crowns on their heads. They understand that all hair, is good hair, as long as it is healthy.

Natural tresses are being celebrated! Black women with natural hair are feeling empowered because they are living in their truths, embracing their own standards of beauty, as they serve as inspiration for generations to come.

Famed Soul Train dancer, Carmen