Image of bottles of insulin with injection needle

Across the U.S., the COVID-19 crisis is financially impacting people in many ways, including their ability to pay for their medicines.

Eli Lilly and Company wants to ensure that any person with diabetes who uses Lilly insulin can afford it, even beyond the crisis.

In addition to recently committing the Lilly Insulin Value Program’s $35 copay card to its comprehensive suite of affordability solutions, Lilly launched a national grassroots campaign called Insulin Affordability: Learn. Act. Share. to help people with diabetes understand all affordable insulin options available to them.

Collaborating with numerous national, state and local organizations, the Lilly campaign encourages people to learn about available options, take action to save money at the pharmacy and share these resources with others who need it most.

During enrollment season for Medicare Part D, it is especially important for people to take a close look at what plans are participating in the Senior Savings Model – a government initiative to help lower copay costs for seniors. More than ever, this year will be critical for Medicare enrollees: once they are enrolled in a participating Part D plan, enrollees can get their Lilly insulin for $35 per monthly prescription starting January 1, 2021.

Collectively, this means anyone using Lilly insulin, regardless of their insurance status, will be eligible to access their prescriptions for $35 per month starting in January 2021.

“Many people have lost their jobs and health insurance. Lilly offers a broad suite of solutions for people who need help affording their insulin,” said Andy Vicari, senior director & U.S. brand leader, Insulins Portfolio, Lilly Diabetes. “The Lilly Insulin Value Program and our participation in the Medicare Part D Senior Savings Model are crucial steps forward as we aim to fill gaps in the healthcare system and, ultimately, help people reduce out-of-pocket costs at the pharmacy.”

If you’re in need of assistance affording your Lilly insulin – whether you have commercial insurance or no insurance at all – call the Lilly Diabetes Solution Center at 1-833-808-1234 (8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST Monday through Friday). Representatives can also direct qualifying individuals to free clinics that can provide donated insulin or share more information on lower-priced insulin options.

You can also visit to download your Lilly Insulin Value Program copay card and access a number of other resources like a Medicare enrollment checklist and more background on Lilly’s comprehensive suite of affordability solutions.

At a time when many are struggling to pay for their medicines, insulin affordability options can ease the burden for people with diabetes, no matter their circumstances.