Survival Poem

Survival consists of smiling endlessly

Throughout the channels of pure love

Melting the flames, inwardly,

from the mighty eclipse of the sun

Beginning a new life just to capture

the secret of how to love

Charging on with great strength, without fear

Forgiving parents for the love you didn’t receive

because they didn’t receive it

and therefore, didn’t know how to give it

Choosing separating what’s for the mind,

and what should belong to the temple that the soul lives in

Having everything a person could wish for yet

still searching for the boundaries of love

To forgive the wind for swiping the melody of time

To forgive yourself for the twist-ups

during your lifetime of searching for truth

Being calm and being of peace

Survival consists of loving purely

Throughout the continents and nations

of the great priceless, yet glorious test

–by Sydnade Jackson

Copyright © 2023 by Sydnade Jackson, originally written in 1984.



Sydnade Jackson is a retired teacher who loves writing poetry and working with children. She is in the process of completing her collection of poetry.