Why She Loves Him

she seldom would admit to him the reasons she was

attracted his way (not necessarily in this order):

looks, hair, tone of voice, content of his conversation, body

scent, his infectious smile,

manners, kindness & ideas. the drape of his clothes,

the quietness of his intentions & interior, care for

others, the questions he asked,

his understanding of multiple realities, his culture &

politics, his insistence upon paying for dinner,

movies & music while dating.

he is unpredictable, well-traveled with a large

mind & is unpretentious. the way he smiles

at children & gravitates toward them,

his advocacy of extended family, love of exercise,

walking, love of land.

he doesn’t smoke, drink, do drugs or sleep around,

does not think it right, necessary or safe to have sex

on the first, second, third or fourth dates,

he feels that birth control is his responsibility too, clean, loves

to visit bookstores, libraries, farms,

museums and art galleries, read books,

quarterlies and magazines that have more text than

pictures. adores visual art, music, movies, and theater.

respectful of women’s dreams and vision.

he doesn’t eat meat, fish, chicken or dairy products.

productive and economically independent,

not jealous, mentally and physically sound,

an intense caring lover and yoga practitioner. the

spiritualness of his utterances and

his presence quiets her.

the way he communicates without words is precious, and

she knows the exact location of his heart.

–Haki R. Madhubuti


Copyright © 1998 by Haki R. Madhubuti. Reprinted from the book

HeartLove: Wedding and Love Poems published by Third World Press

with permission of the author.