Let it go! It’s time to downsize your home

If you're feeling overwhelmed or pressured to downsize your home, then you might need to consult a senior move manager.

As a senior, your current space might be more than what you actually need, especially now that the kids are grown and out for good. On the flip side, there is a strong sentiment of moving away from a cherished home where you raised your family.

You may come to also realize that downsizing offers you the best of both worlds — a comfortable place to live, and a lot more money in your pocket. Other important factors when considering a move to a smaller place is when there’s a safety issue, or physical limitations are involved like too many stairs to climb.

Though letting go of a beloved home can be difficult, you can focus on building memories in your new home and one that’s more affordable. Here are a few more things to consider when thinking about downsizing:

Unused rooms–Are there rooms in your home that you only enter when it’s time to clean them? Living in a house that is too large for your current needs does not make sense economically. Unused space just means having to dole out monies for heating and cooling, taxes, cleaning, maintenance; these are expenses that should be trimmed way down especially if they’re excessive and for a property you no longer need.

An overwhelming yard–Do you dread mowing the lawn, fertilizing, and performing yard cleanups because you no longer have the energy to do so?  Even if you are now having to pay someone for the upkeep of your yard doing so is still another indicator that it might be time to downsize.

The family is too far away–If you’re unable to make family gatherings as often as you’d like because you live too far away, then you might want to downsize in an area that is closer to them.

There is just too much stuff everywhere!–If you find yourself constantly on a hunt, trying to find the things you’ve put away in the attic, a closet or basement, then you might have more than what you actually need. Having too much stuff is a red flag that you’ve got too much space to fill. Downsizing will help you pare down and prioritize what you actually need to hang on to.

Your home might bring in top dollar–Your home’s value has probably appreciated to the point where if you sell it, you’ll be able to live quite comfortably. Test the real estate market’s waters by contacting a few realtors in your area and ask, if they can help you determine what your home is worth. A true pro knows what it takes to get top dollar for your current home and negotiate the best deal on a new one.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or pressured to downsize your home, then you might need to consult a senior move manager. These individuals specialize in helping seniors make the transition into smaller housing situations or into a senior living community of some type.

Most communities today feature at least one senior moving service, and they can help with the downsizing process in multiple ways as little as one needs or as much as they desire. These services can range from helping to choose a new residence, and assisting with downsizing in the home, to assisting with packing, moving and even cleaning up the old residence afterward.

For info on how to find a senior move manager in your area contact the National Association of Senior Move Managers at www.nasmm.org or call 877-606-2766.