You may need to repair, or replace, friendships as you age. But do keep in mind that friendships can, however, become thicker than water especially, if you have little or no family. Research has found that the importance of friendship increases with age and the key is to keep friendships in good order. Friendships have a huge impact on your overall mental health and happiness. Solid friendships relieve stress, provide comfort and joy, and prevent loneliness and isolation.

So are you a good friend?

Healthy, loving friendships can provide lots of great benefits, so again, are you a good friend?

A good friend:

Never judges

Makes themselves available when needed

Does not belittle or is purposely hurtful when it comes to feelings

Is kind and respectful

Is loyal, honest and trustworthy

Can make you laugh

Keeps it real

Is not jealous

Genuinely cares about what goes on in your life

Makes you feel good in their presence

Is a good listener

Is a giver and not a taker

Comforts you when you need it

As we get older and enter into different phases of life at different times, it ain’t easy keeping friendships together. Good friends, however, don’t guilt their besties for “abandoning” them for a boyfriend, husband, kids, grands or a new city. Instead, they know that the friendship will stay strong no matter what and that they can and will always circle back to it when the timing is right.