Thursday, July 7, 2022

We love these clever 12 grooming tips for men and women

The health and beauty industry rakes in an astounding $90 billion-plus a year! Why? Well, the answer is simple. We are always looking for...

What NOT to do after a breakup

Unfortunately, as far as relationships go, African Americans are not so lucky in love, according to various studies. A Smith College study even went...

Summer salads you can’t resist

Summer is upon us and many folks don't want to spend time cooking over a hot stove. Quick, easy, and cool recipes is the...

What every homeowner should know before making renovations

Your home is likely your most valuable asset, and you want to make sure you protect it with the right insurance. Did you know...

Poetry: We love “From Thorns to Triumph” by Jodiann A. Morgan

From thorns to triumph   In a ground full of thorns, the roots of your strength cracks beneath it. As the seeds that you once sowed, through the stormy seasons...

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