Friday, January 21, 2022

Fatty foods that are good for you

Physicians have warned us time and time again to steer clear of fatty foods because of the serious health consequences particularly as you age....

Should you buy organic foods?

Hopefully, as we age, we're being more mindful of the kinds of foods we put in our mouths. Making conscious choices about food is...

“I’m about to turn 50 and seeking life lessons from my more seasoned sisters”

I am nearly 50-years old! Hallelu! I welcome this second stage of aging with gratitude! I pity those women who bemoan the idea of...

Don’t let constipation give you the blues

I think we can all agree, constipation is no laughing matter! Up to 42 million folks in the U.S. suffer from constipation and over...

We love poetry…Flower in Bloom by Angela Kinamore

Flower in Bloom   One never knows the hour God chooses a flower bud to bloom So it is with Soul When God says now is the Time to step Into...

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