Oh, the decline of formality! We’ve gone from collared to way-too-comfortable, low-key styling. Casual clothing is the uniform of America today. For many, casual clothing equals unrestricted movement and freedom but some take this to an obscene level as demonstrated by those youths who sport sagging pants!

Remember the time we’d stare at our parents as they got all gussied up to go out on the town? The back-in-the-day fashions were stunning. Folks really knew how to pull themselves together. Before anyone stepped out the door, they made sure they were beat from top to bottom–impeccably dressed. There was not one hair out of place and the fashions were to die for!

If you look back at your family photos you’ll probably peep a few vintage fashions that are featured here. If you too are pining for those fashionable yesteryears, now, all we can do is reminisce and sigh together because sadly, those days will probably never come around again.


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