We love the poem Natural High by Sydnade Jackson



Being natural makes life so easy free and wonderful

Full of mysteries to treasure

To live each wondrous day is certainly a pleasure

Running smoothly like grains of sand in the hourglass of time

Once you understand creation’s plan

Almighty love will take its stand

Beauty will unfold

Nature being its own religion will positively fulfill each moment

So natural and real

Deal with what you feel

Let it flow upwardly to peace

Almighty love every day is all that should be felt

Natural high – something incredible is grasping my soul

The truth of light has proven itself

With a master plan to live each day as if it is your last

With the secret of joy dancing, prancing, romancing

Your own spirit as if it is your favorite toy


–by Sydnade Jackson


Sydnade Jackson is a retired teacher who loves writing poetry and working with children. She is in the process of completing her collection of poetry.