Star in You

As the clouds prepare the way for the sun to rise

Daughter look in my eye

See far into the skies

And as the sun declines

The moon and stars to reveal themselves only

For us to wonder about every starry night

As you sleep my dear Yvonne

The energy within you is ever present

Calm and strong

Never worry about fear

Soon one day I will return back home

I will be near closer than a drone

The love I have for you can never be prolonged

Your silent tears are what move me.

They are gentle like rain drops.

I know how much you love me

I will never force you to choose between me

And your mommy

Your time spent here is a gift

Make love, your best friend

My journey is swift

As the energy flows through the sun, moon, stars and clouds,

So shall you flow too?

Now you see me, but when I am gone,

I am the thunder when it’s pouring

Stand out from wherever you are and on that starry night

When you see that star blink

Know that I am the brightest star blinking at you

My presence is wherever you are

I am the star in you



By Robert J. Williams

© 2018 by Robert J. Williams. Reprinted

From the book Miracle Vehicle