My Life Circle

I am my past, my history – the 60’s and the 70’s, war, anti-war, peace, love,

justice, injustice, power, prejudice, Black pride, movements, music singing

“young, gifted and Black,” “a lovely, precious dream”

I am the efforts of change that promised hope, that worked, that failed

I am a dream deferred, the unrealized change that engendered and

entrenched our people and our communities’ anger, despair, apathy

I am the 70’s individualism, it’s all about me

I am the 80’s loss of self, directionless, crack cocaine conspiracy genocide


I am the 90’s Wall Street, corporate face over a colored face

I am new millennium fog, where am I, where did I go, what did I start with,

what did I have, is there anything left?

I am post-millennial rising, reconnecting, mattering, moving to grow, seeking,

seeing purpose, living in intention, driven, aligned, discerning, taking

responsibility, owning on my mission, gifted, favored, guided love, not alone

I am a multiracial, multicultural mindset, conscious and seeing beyond, living

peace, operating free outside of stereotypical racial differences, divisions, and


I am a community re-engineer, a warrior-peacemaker, a spirit embodied,

unique entity, an un-shamed worshiper, a creative thought leader, a called,

annointed, all-intersecting being

I am my past, my history, my present, my future, my resurrected, redeemed,

fully-empowered, completed state

I am ready

I am worthy

I am equipped

I am enough

© 2016 Linda A. Bridgers