Unique uses for hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are big business.

We grew up relying on just soap and water to kill germs and even though the old tried-and-true is ideal, these days, the germ killer many of us tend to reach for is hand sanitizer. The antiseptic solution is used as an alternative to soap and water and can help prevent the transmission of infection, which is mainly caused through hand transmission. Touch free floor stands and other dispensing systems that provide hand hygiene and surface disinfection can be found everywhere like at supermarket entrances, gyms, schools, hospitals, doctor’s offices, you name it.

As a matter of fact, hand sanitizers are big business. Just two years ago the growth of the global hand sanitizer market stood at $2.4 billion; now it is expected to reach $5.5 billion in 2024.

But wait!

Hand sanitzers are not just for cleansing hands; there are other uses for it that will surprise you–who knew?

Household cleaner…

  • Swipe computer keyboard and mouse
  • Frequently-handled TV remote
  • Wipe down kitchen sinks, faucets, countertops
  • On stainless steel appliances use the gel sanitizer on a cloth to remove fingerprints, spattered oil, grease marks
  • Clean mirrors and windows, it also prevents fogging and frost
  • Sanitizer cuts right through tarnish on silver

Cell phone cleaner…

  • Squirt a tiny bit of hand sanitizer on your phone screen and wipe gently with a cloth, germs are laid to rest and smudges disappear

Stain fighter…

  • Erase permanent marker stains from whiteboards, clothing and walls
  • Treat grease stains before washing clothes (test a small patch first to make sure fabric doesn’t bleed)
  • Remove scuff marks on shoes
  • Gets rid of paint stains on nearly every surface, including paint brushes
  • Banishes ink stains from clothing, just let the gel version sit for ten minutes then launder as usual
  • Lipstick smudges and food stains be gone

 Kills underarm odor…

  • If you forgot to use deodorant, in a pinch, you can use a drop of sanitizer on your armpits to get rid of odor; the alcohol will kill the bacteria and neutralize the smell.

Treats bug bites…

  • Sanitizers with alcohol will take the itch out of mosquito and other insect bites. It’s also beneficial for disinfecting very minor wounds in an emergency.


  • Tired of the sticky residue left behind from pesky price tags or labels? Just squeeze a bit of hand sanitizer on the adhesive (like Scotch tape, duct tape or glue) and scrub gently with a brush or washcloth. The alcohol in the sanitizer works to disintegrate the stickiness.
  • Don’t rip off an adhesive bandage; rub some sanitizer over the sticky ends to release the adhesive. Wait a minute, and then painlessly remove the strip.

Eyewear cleaner…

  • Just dab a small amount of gel hand sanitizer on your eyewear, then wipe away the muck with a soft cloth.

When you’re out…

  • Wipe down questionable fast-food restaurant tables
  • In a public restroom, if there are no toilet seat covers and you must sit, wipe down the seat with a lot of sanitizer and toilet paper
  • ATM’s are germ havens! Squirt sanitizer on some tissue and wipe down the ATM keys before using.

Beauty aid…

  • If you’re out of dry shampoo, try some sanitizer. Simply squeeze a bit out onto your fingertips and massage lightly into your roots, and your hair will look just as good. Sanitizer also works to calm flyaways, just pour a little into your palms, and then smooth over those pesky standouts.
  • Clean your germy flatiron; wipe it down with sanitizer while cold to remove bacteria and product buildup.
  • Sterilize makeup brushes by rubbing them with hand sanitizer after washing, then air dry.

Make sure your hand sanitizer does not contain such dangerous ingredients as methanol or wood alcohol. Methanol is a substance that is oftentimes used to create fuel and antifreeze. It can be toxic when absorbed through the skin and can be fatal if ingested.