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Since the election of the Cheetos Dictator, he and his laughable league of cronies have managed to make a mockery of our democracy.  Point blank, Number 45 inspires trickle-down racism. Those who boldly choose to take a public stand against oppression like NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick are typically met with strands of hate.  On the other hand, there are those way-too-ignorant folks, who fail to understand the deep and all-encompassing underpinnings of systemic racism.  Take former NFL quarterback and convicted dog killer Michael Vick, a man who should be uninvited to our Thanksgiving gatherings!

Kaepernick, a then San Francisco 49er made global headlines last year when at the start of games, he would drop to one knee during the National Anthem in silent protest against the police brutality and oppression of Blacks in this country.  The 29-year-old free agent also sports a large Afro that has always been a powerful symbol of racial pride but there are those who view it as political radicalism.  Enter Vick, who apparently sold his soul to the NFL’s massahs by pushing the outcasted and unsigned Kaepernick under the bus. The 37-year-old dog fighting czar appeared on the syndicated radio and TV sports program “The Dan Patrick Show” and dared to slam Kaepernick’s mighty locks stating, that if the young gridiron player wants to secure another job in the NFL, he would have to get a haircut.

Say what!?

Vick’s comment sent shockwaves throughout the Black community; he quickly became fodder for Black gossip, blogs, Facebook and Twitter sites where folks in the community fired explosive comments about him. After being verbally flogged by us via all forms social media and then some, Vick seemingly surrendered, issuing a half-assed coonish apology. This so-called mea culpa has been unanimously unaccepted by us and he is now officially uninvited to Thanksgiving! Mister Fido killer, you don’t get to smack on turkey, ham, yams, collards, black-eyed peas. NO ‘tata salad’ for you!  NO wrapping your lips around the bottle of a nice cold Fanta orange!  NO guzzling from a plastic tumbler filled with Kool-Aid!  NO sipping from a red plastic cup with Alizé!

Vick will now and forever remain in the doghouse as far as we’re concerned which is a rather appropriate setting for him, dontcha think?


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