Kangol Fugora Skull Cap, $42.50; Amazon; All Photos by Lindsey Martin Studios, N.C.

Celebs like Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington and even the late Princess Diana loved Kangol hats. It is iconic and one of the most respected and recognizable brands in the world to date. Rapper and actor, L.L. Cool J, actually put the nearly 80-year-old British company on the map in the late 1980’s. After he sported the Kangol bucket hat on the cover of one of his albums, sales of the accessory skyrocketed. The hat with the kangaroo logo became the ultra cool fashion must-have for men and women and its partnerships with celeb A-listers cemented the brand’s relevancy as a number-one hat retailer.

Seasoned and sophisticated gents love Kangol and here are a few looks to sport this season.  We love Kangol!