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Nothing is worse than a do that screams, “Hi, I’m a wig” from miles away. Uhmm… news flash, there is something worse for the seasoned doll.  You all are too familiar with the wig that good old Bible-thumping Aunt Esther sported on Sanford and Son—you know, where the hair is sitting high, the curls are glossy and stiff and the do is totally cocked to one the side of her head.  OK, this walk down memory lane might be a bit of an exaggeration but for all of us sashaying into seasoned doll hood, the advent of gray and thinning strands may have taken a toll on your confidence and perception of what constitutes a good look for you.  How do you get out of that sunken strand place? “First, start thinking of wigs as fun and not a cover-up.   Revel in your reinvention and create a luminous look of proportion, length and color lightness,” advises hairstylist and wig designer Rishaud Raynir, 59 of The Ultimate U Salon in Milford, CT.

Here, Raynir offers six tips on how to find a wig that will showcase your beauty:

Identify looks you like. “Check Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, just don’t over think it,” cautions Raynir. Consider a wig that is an easy classic.  Raynir advises, “Keep bangs and fringe in mind because they softly frame the face while highlighting cheekbones and eyes.”

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Tweak your look with color. Scared to go from black to platinum in an instant? Raynir suggests easing into color with a dark-based wig with highlights. “A chic short cut with a dark brown base shot through with cinnamon highlights for example and a swoopy bang can truly add instant allure.”

Get turn’t up! Whatever your wig fantasy, Raynir strongly advises to try it on and see how you feel. Be daring, why not take it to the max.

Customize it!  “Absolutely, take any wig you purchase to your hairstylist and have him/her customize it to suit you,” Raynir recommends. Consider rocking a riot of sexy bouncy curls which can be tailored to your features.

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Celebrate texture.  Texture adds interest and volume to any dull wig do, Raynir contends.  Have fun with big bold looks that mimic our springy curl pattern. “Texture gives you the ability to change your look,” Raynir points out. Try adding a little tease to the crown of your wig, tussling it with your fingers or adding a few hot iron curls, then blasting them with a diffuser. Want fluff?  Use extra large rollers when setting your wig.

Do invest in human hair.  According to Raynir, “Although human hair wigs are more expensive they absolutely, offer more options because you can color them and apply heat styling tools.” Heat things up with a short spiky do that gives plenty of ‘tude! Prefer to play it safe?  Why not consider a classic but chic bob style, sans the curls?  The look will not only enhance your eyes but cheekbones too!

Next in the ‘Wigology 101’ series, the care and maintenance of wigs…


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