Lost your sexual confidence? Take our quiz and find out!

Sexual confidence is simply the confidence you carry into sexual situations. Sexual self-esteem is the value you give yourself as a sexual being. No matter how old you are sex is the special sauce of relationships. It is the most fundamental part of being human. As we age, many of us tend to kick our sexiness to the curb because of life’s interferences and in turn, our confidence levels take a deep dive. Aging for some of us means putting sex on a back burner, or removing it entirely from our bedroom repertoire. 

Chile please!

As we have continuously pointed out, there is no age limit with regards to sexuality!  If you have an interest and a mate who is willing and able, your confidence levels regarding sex should be ever-lasting.

But there are still those who feel they’ve lost the kind of confidence that used to bring the boys (or girls) around like flies! Take our quiz to see if you’re feeling less sexually confident than you’d prefer.

  1. A peek in your underwear drawer reveals…

A: Undies that bring out your inner sexy

B: Classic garments that are comfy

C: Boring basics like stretched out granny panties or beat up boxers 

  1. Which word sums up your sex life?

A: Exciting

B: Satisfactory

C: A snore

  1. A fine stranger at a party starts flirting with you, do you…

A: Flirt right back

B: Accept their compliments but keep your guard up

C: Feel silly, embarrassed, and want to quickly get away from their sight

  1. What’s your attitude towards aging?

A: Every year I am thankful and look forward to many more

B: I try not to give it a second thought

C: I hate what it is doing to me

  1. Your partner suggests trying something new in the bedroom, how do you feel about it?

A: Hell yeah! It is on and poppin’!

B: I’m embarrassed but willing to hear them out

C: What the heck are they thinking! I’m too old to try something new!

  1. You’re invited to a party with the dress code ‘Dress To Impress.’ You wear…

A: A sexy, yet flattering style that garners you compliments

B: The same old safe dress or suit that you whip out on special occasions

C: A dated outfit that hides what you’re working with

7. You wish your sex life could…

A: Get hotter with each passing day

B: Break out of its routine

C: Give you pleasure

Give yourself two points if you answer A, one point for B, and no points for C…

0-5 Your confidence in the bedroom is severely lacking and you may be seriously worried about aging. Talking to your partner about your sex life will help and it may be worth trying some confidence-boosting activities.

6-10 Your sex life may have slipped into an outright rut and is boring you to tears.

11-14 Your twilight years have given you a sexual confidence that is off–the-charts and you are enjoying every single orgasm!

Lastly, being a sexually confident person means knowing what you want and deserve, and, if you’re sexually active, that includes having a sexual partner who are willing to give that to you. Partners who accept all of you and make it easy for you to be your true self, who treat you with respect, who care about your consent, comfort, and pleasure, who provide a safe space for you to express your thoughts and emotions – these are the partners you deserve, whether they are casual sex partners or long-term partners.