Just in case you haven’t noticed, beards are back in a huge way!  And if you just happen to be 50-plus, suffice it to say, adjectives like dapper, sophisticated, and scholarly are just a few of the words you’ll probably hear but only if your beard  is on point. If you’re sporting a beard but have been neglectful in the grooming department, then we are here to help.

Since you’ve decided to grow that ultimate stamp of total masculinity, do understand that it needs tender loving care to look appealing and not scraggly. Only a mere handful of men can grow a beard and not do anything to it. So, unless you’re one of the chosen few, you’ll need some help!

Here are a few products that will give you a good beard:

Jack Black Beard Oil–The Kalahari melon oil and Vitamin E conditions and softens the beard hair while moisturizing the skin underneath to get rid of itchiness and dryness, $26, 

Beardbrand’s Wash & Softener Sets–Use Wash & Softener to clean, hydrate, nourish, and strengthen the hair, helping to prevent damage. The result is a healthier beard that is cleaner, softer, easier to manage, and 100% more touchable, $32,



Seven Potions Beard Balm-If you don’t like oils, try a balm on for size; all-natural, organic and contains no chemicals, parabens, preservatives, artificial fragrances, or colorants. It’s cruelty-free and vegan-friendly and stops beard itch and dandruff.  The balm moisturizes skin, provides control and has a wonderful scent, $23,

Kent’s Handmade Beard Combs–Set of men’s tortoise shell finish combs for the hair, beard and mustache; saw cut, and then hand polished and buffed with rounded tips for sensitive skin; perfect detangling, shaping, styling and grooming accessories, handmade from cellulose acetate, $24, Amazon



Self-sharpening Mustache & Beard Scissors FINOX22 Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Hair Trimmer–FINOX22 self-sharpening scissors combine all the qualities of GERmanikure’s world-class scissors with a super-hard titanium coating that hones the opposite stainless edge to razor sharpness each time the scissor is opened and closed. All GERmanikure scissors are hand-assembled with hand-hammered blades then manually sharpened by Solingen artisans, $63,


ZilberHaar Pocket Beard Brush–Oiled pearwood and boar bristles make ZilberHaar brushes are so classically appealing, it comes in at around 3.2 inches and can fit in the palm of most hands. This little brush is perfect for those who want to take a brush with them day-to-day. Great at untangling hair, reducing beard itch, and exfoliating skin, perfect for short beards and mustaches, $14, Amazon