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We love poetry…Beyond Words by Karen Mariano Bryson

Beyond Words   Take me to that place beyond words Where unsaid whispers are captured in a glance In the still waters of a lake All I see are...

We love poetry…Mother Africa by Karen Mariano Bryson

Mother Africa   The continent is called Africa. Mother Africa’s reign is the past. Her promise, the future. Africa’s will has always been strong. Its pulchritude the rich soil, a...

We love poetry: Macabre Smile by Karen Mariano Bryson

Macabre Smile You graze on compliments yet sour like rotten grapes when all is not centered on you. The tuning fork between your ears perks up at the mere...

We love poetry by Karen Mariano Bryson

Sipping   Sour grapes? Bitter thoughts? Regrets? Maybe. Sipping coulda, shoulda, woulda thru a straw because if I drank straight, I’d choke Catching a lump of “I’m sorry” every suck or...

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