We love poetry: Macabre Smile by Karen Mariano Bryson

Macabre Smile

You graze on compliments

yet sour like rotten grapes

when all is not centered on you.

The tuning fork between your ears

perks up at the mere mention of…

“your” name for any accomplishment.

Odd that you have become deaf

and mute should any accolade become

remotely attached to my success…

As if our world would implode

due to lack of recognition towards only you.

I watch you wither and wilt

as if your oasis has been sucked dry.

How remiss of me not to recognize

the macabre smile tightening your eyes

as I rise higher to thunderous applause.

You are the master of machination.

A true emperor of deceit and manipulation

and I despise my weakness for…

loving any part of you that keeps

me held captive with false hope

and insatiable lust…

By Karen Mariano Bryson

Karen Mariano Bryson is a Virginia-based published poet whose works has been featured in several volumes, most recently in Twilight Musings. She is the recipient of three “Outstanding Achievement In Poetry” silver bowls and is also featured in The Sound Of Poetry 3-CD compilation.