Actress and businesswoman extraordinaire Vivica A. Fox has admitted she knows how to cook but doesn’t really get the opportunity to do so often.  In her book Everyday I’m Hustling, Vivica offers readers a recipe for Sug’s Hot-Water Cornbread that will have folks hogging the butter to slather on the golden brown creation…HAVE MERCY! 

Vivica gives her older sister Sugie (Sug) credit for the recipe.  Sugie cooked for the family when Vivica was growing up and always managed to stretch a meal.  Sugie learned how to make the hot-water cornbread exactly to their Mississippi mom’s specifications.  Even though Vivica’s favorite place is not the kitchen, she did learn how to make the cornbread she so enjoyed eating as a child and still does.  The performer admits that the treasured recipe is still a fave in the Fox household especially around New Year’s when it is accompanied by a mouth-watering dish of black-eyed peas.

Here, Vivica shares her family’s yummy recipe with you:


1 1/2 cups of Aunt Jemima SELF-rising White Corn Meal Mix

1 egg

About 2/3 cup of boiling, scalding, super hot water

Grease or lard (you can also use leftover bacon fat)


Get the grease or lard nice and hot in the pan.  Use enough.

Meanwhile, mix the cornmeal in a bowl with the egg.  Slowly add the hot water, stirring with the back of a fork until it’s cakey like Play-Doh.  If it is too loose and mushy, you put in too much water.  Just add more cornmeal.  Too dry, add more water.

Spoon or pour desired amount pancake-style into hot grease or lard.  Flip them when you see the edges begin to brown.  When both sides are golden brown, you’re done.