We love poetry…Her Eyes (For Dr. Maya Angelou)


(For Dr. Maya Angelou)


Through Maya’s eyes the collective we

can see what we were meant to be

God’s children all colors, ethnicities,

genders and religions

The beautiful rainbow of His collection

The bouquet of His grace

The flowers of His garden – the world

We may vary in shades, in ideas

in causes, in beliefs

But when the petals of life are peeled away

we all long for love, peace and happiness

For a fulfilled life

Through Maya’s eyes we see the potential

we all share

To come together as we were born

one race —– the human race

to live in harmony with each other

and with this Earth

To do unto others as we would do

unto ourselves

To love this Earth, protect it, grow it

and pass it on to the next generation

Through Maya’s eyes we see the future

the reason we were put here

in the garden of our times to

shepherd in the special spirit needed

in these particular hours

So let us not miss our calling

and bring tears to her

wise and sparkling eyes

Brilliant eyes

that clearly sees this world of






By Jeannette Curtis © 2012