We love poetry by Joyce G. Snyder

I Came Here to Fly


Do you think I want to bargain with you over this?

Do you think we can work out a trade?

I give you my Soul; you give me your approval —

Do you think it works like that?

I didn’t come here to play your game

or march to your tune.

I came here to fly.

I was here before – crawling.

I walked, I stumbled, I fell.

I was here before, playing in your band;

it was music made in hell.

I came here this time and promised myself

I’d do it or I’d die.

I came with my own song because

this time I came to fly.

Before, in other lifetimes

my heart was like a stone.

Anchored by the weight

it kept me earth-bound, far from home.

Before, I wandered aimlessly

not knowing right from wrong.

Enchanted by false gifts, I sold

my treasures for a song.

But this time things are different,

and I can tell you why.

It’s all in how you see yourself,

and I came here to fly.



Joyce G. Snyder, who lives by the Jersey Shore has a M.A. in English and is a former editor and creative writing teacher.  She is the author of the novel The Truth About Benjamin Franklin and her poetry has appeared in many magazines and anthologies.  She currently does freelance editing and says she likes to explore spiritual concepts through poetry.