Healing Earth


Can you feel the love

Can you feel the power

Can you feel genuine

acceptance call forth

your inner greatness

Can you feel the release

from what holds you captive

Can you find the will

to choose your better angels

Can you feel the courage to now move forward

Can you express

unlimited gifts and share

your precious talents

Can your body your mind and spirit

stand guard to defeat all enemies

while you remain steadfast to attain

your highest potential

No longer separate

all souls connected

as we ascend

in the Age of Aquarius

Eternal consciousness

resonating through all

higher frequencies and

golden treasures

love peace and joy reign

pure energy flows liberating our human hearts

healing our lost and suffering world


— By Dr. Patricia Williams Diaw

Copyright © 2022 by Dr. Patricia Williams Diaw





Dr. Patricia Williams Diaw is an author of poetry and prose. She was a contributing author of Black Panther: Paradigm Shift or Not? published by Third World Press in 2019. Dr. Williams Diaw’s poetry has also been featured in 50BOLD.com, African Voices, and Essence Magazine. The poem Healing Earth is dedicated to her daughter and son-in-law.