AmericaBe All That You Can Be!



Do you not hear the cries of Ancestors?

Reminding you of the vision and purpose

for which this country was first created.

For the people, by the people,



You have the power to become

one of the greatest in the world.

Historically being among the best,

an incredible example to the rest

of an authentic democracy,

without the hypocrisy.


You can be known as a country

who puts the needs of its people first.

Let your progressive actions

speak louder than eloquent utterances

that are meaningless and

rarely spoken from the heart.


It’s not too late to help create a new day

by demonstrating in a more inspiring way,

the possibility where people live

together in peace.

Where wars and hatred can finally cease.


Be all that you can be.

If we learn to respect other cultures

we’ll be respected in return.

Perhaps your unique diversity

can strengthen the nation’s unity

by igniting this advanced revolution.

You contribute to the world’s destined evolution and

only then, will America finally achieve

what it was always meant to be;

fulfilling its purpose is the starting key….