Rapper Slick Rick , age 57, shows off his dookie chains

We published the very popular feature Things Men Over 50 Should Not Own a few years ago. Well, we’re back with an updated version. Sure, the aging process can be challenging, but it is inevitable. You can’t press a delete button when it comes to growing older.

Don’t get all caught in a time warp by sporting or doing things that went out with the year of the flood! Brothers, embrace your seasoned years the right way. Be the man, the legend, your best authentic self.

Here are 50BOLD’s picks of the things men over the age of 50 should kick to the curb. We are so sure your mates will agree on how hard it is to drive forward while looking in the rearview mirror.


Skinny or ripped jeans

Wearing jeans that are ripped or skinny is a younger man’s game. The trendy fashion will make you look as if you’re trying too hard to keep up with the young’uns.

Dookie chains

Hanging excessive chains with mega medallions around your neck a la 80s LL Cool J or Mr. T, should remain in the decades they originated in and not in this century.


Cheap cologne

Spritzing on cheap cologne was probably not an issue as a teen, but as a seasoned gentleman, you will make folks gag when they’re around you. Wondering why people squint their noses in your presence? Toss the Old Spice and instead, splurge on some expensive cologne, it will be worth it.


The Euro-style swimwear was popularized in the 60s and 70s. They look like skimpy underwear which is not a flattering look for anyone three decades past the legal drinking age!


White athletic socks with dress pants

Unless you want to be compared to Jethro Bodine from the classic 60s comedy series The Beverly Hillbillies, only wear white sports socks for working out or playing tennis.


Toothpicks are for picking food that is stuck in your teeth; it is not a lip accessory. And BTW, how about picking your teeth in private and not at the dinner table!



Well, are you just going to remain stuck within a four-block radius all your life? How about getting out and living a little? A current passport is a necessity in today’s world. Who knows when you may have to travel in a hurry? Travel is educational, do yourself a favor!

Junk foods

It’s time to become nutritionally literate and responsible. As you become more seasoned age-wise, your body requires TLC to stay healthy. A whopping 44% of African American men have some form of heart disease and suffer from diabetes more so than Black women. So, please put the brakes on eating junk food!


Owning zero suits

Not owning at least one suit as a grown man is absurd. After age 50 is when your Rico Suave dress game should be kicked up a notch or two. If your pockets allow, do invest in at least one classic suit you can grab for an upcoming wedding or dressy special occasion.

Unframed wall hangings

Anything attached to your wall with scotch tape or push pins was never worthy of being there in the first place. Frame, donate, or toss it!


High school trophies

We know, ad nauseam, how you were a sports star in high school. But that was high school! Put away those dusty old trophies. You can also send old trophies to a recycling plant where they will be either melted or broken down before being used for manufacturing.


Don’t pine over regrets. It’s done. It’s over. Move on. Each day we are gifted the opportunity to grow spiritually and emotionally. Growth is certainly a platform to enhance your life. So, slough off those regrets and move on!

Living off women

In the words of the great Billie Holiday, God bless the child that’s got his own.

You can’t be dependent on your partner for everything. Real talk, it’s a punk-ass move; you will come off as a gigolo which is not a respectful look.



The old-school headwraps will make you look ridiculous at this age. But if you MUST, wear your polyester scarf and let it do, what it do, to your do, within the confines of your home.


The braided hairstyles should only be reserved for boys with Similac still on their breaths. Periodt!


Loud colored tracksuit and sneakers

Any loud, brash-colored tracksuit screams “BAMA!”  ‘Nough said! If you dare throw in a pair of matching colored sneakers you might risk getting stoned!

Wife beaters

The tank tops are typically sported outdoors by men who are probably wearing prison anklets. No need to perpetuate the stereotype, wife beaters are underwear, not outerwear.