Makeup tricks for seasoned chicks

Many seasoned ladies live on limited funds and have to watch their coins when it comes to investing in beauty products.

You are never too old to learn new makeup tricks. Well, we’ve uncovered some really fun ideas on how to get the most out of your beauty regimen. Many seasoned ladies live on limited funds and have to watch their coins when it comes to investing in beauty products. Here are a few beauty tricks and tips that will help stretch your dollars:

Repurpose old mascara wands by tossing them into the dishwasher and then using them to groom unruly brows. Try misting a mascara wand with a just a smidge of hairspray to get rid of those fuzzies along the hairline.

Since lipstick costs a pretty penny these days, try scooping every little bit out of the tube by using a Q-tip which is more sanitary than germy fingers.

Dropping a fave powder product like a blush or pressed powder and trying to pick up the pieces afterwards is often senseless. Press the crumbly powder pieces back together by adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol to reset them right in their container.

Hate when you can’t squeeze out every last drop of product in a tube like hand cream or toothpaste? Well, using an inexpensive tube wringer will squeeze out every single drop of your product; it is sure to become your main squeeze!

Tired of fading lipstick? Well, try setting your lipstick by placing a single ply tissue across your lips, then using a fluffy brush to dust translucent powder over the top. Your lipstick will get just enough powder to set it without diluting the color or making it unintentionally matte.

Want longer lashes? Between layers of mascara, try lightly/carefully dusting translucent powder to your lashes to add thickness and length.

Got a wrinkled shirt collar? Use a flat iron to smooth it out.

Stubborn chin hairs are a pain to remove. Dust a little loose powder over the hairs, this will make them easier to spot and pluck.

Need to wear those cute leather shoes that are a little too tight? Try blow drying the shoes. Put on a pair of thick socks and then slip on those uncomfortable must-haves. Point your blow dryer at the shoes and blow until the leather becomes more pliable.

Keep your nail polish in the fridge because the cold will keep it from thickening over time.

Lip balm can moisturize cuticles, fix frizzy spots or cowlicks, or add a bit of glossiness to your eyelids.

Larger pores and fine lines can usually be found in women who are 50-plus; using the right primer can help conceal them. A thin layer of a thick primer applied to moisturized skin will instantly smooth skin texture.

Kick face powder to the curb! Using face powder on aging skin makes it appear dry and is noticeable as it sits on fine facial hairs, which unfortunately, many of us develop as we get older.

If you want to enjoy a more youthful look use a cream blush instead of a powder.

Move towards a classic makeup style by using softer colors on eyes. Steer clear of trendy eyeshadow colors like bright blue, lime green or hot pink; loud shades are unflattering. You can add a little tasteful dazzle if you are attending an evening event but don’t overdo it.

Make sure you use liner to help define your lips. The lip line can become less defined with age.