Make a few extra dollars by making your home work for you!

Your house can now pay you back, really!

Sometimes a social security check every month just isn’t  financially enough. If your monthly bill paying is leaving you with practically zilch, then why not use your home to make a few extra bucks! You can make your home work for you by exploring any one of these 6 tips:

1) Put your home in a movie.  Get your home featured in a film and get paid for doing so.  Have you often wondered how movie companies discover the homes they use in films?  Well, wonder no more!  You can list your house on location scouting websites, and their daily rate for renting your property is about equal to a month’s mortgage payment!  If your home is rented for less than 15 days per year, Uncle Sam does not have to get a cut, so it’s a tax-free venture. and

2) Host a foreign exchange student.  If you want some company and you have an extra room to spare, why not let a foreign exchange student come and live with you temporarily. These students typically stay for about six weeks to about six months. If you can provide these students with transportation, food, even a private bathroom, you can get top dollar! You can do a trial run with the program by hosting a student on a short-term basis to see if they are the right fit for you and your lifestyle. In order to get the ball rolling on the foreign exchange student program, contact a local university or college and speak to someone in the student housing department.  You will have to undergo an interview, background check, and home visit but once you’ve made it through, you’re in the money!

3) Rent out your shed, basement, and garage.  If you have extra space within your house that you can rent out as storage, why not do so.  Folks are always looking for storage space. You can list your space on a storage app and make sure to mention if the area is pest-free, climate controlled or has easy outdoor access.  If you are not willing to store certain items, make sure to include this in your ad as well.  Check out and

4) Try pet sitting.  If you’re an animal lover and don’t mind keeping an eye on a few while their owners are away, try in-home boarding and make some extra cash doing so.  Why stop at just keeping an eye on a dog or cat, how about sitting for a beloved bird like a parrot, hamster or even a rabbit?  List all of your fees, services you offer and availability on a pet sitter app.  You can also provide dog walking, pet grooming, or even a service like a doggie or kitty daycare. Try these apps– and

5) Turn your driveway into cash.  Parking spaces are hard to come by especially in large cities. If you have extra space in your driveway and can accommodate an extra vehicle, why not rent out the space!  List your available space on an app and your fee. If you live near a concert venue or stadium, you can rent your driveway space for a hefty fee. First, find out if renting driveway spaces is legal in your area because there are a few cities where this practice is outlawed. If renting a driveway is legal in your town, then go for it!  Try these parking apps–, and

6) Got yard space? Rent it!  Renting yard space to campers, or to someone who wants to park their RV is a pretty good way to make some cash. If you live in a woodsy area that campers would find appealing, come up with a few guidelines that they would have to adhere to like the use of bathroom facilities, electrical hook-up, campfires, etc. If you plan to rent out yard space, check with your town to see if it is allowed. Check with your insurance company as well to make sure everything is in order and that you have the right coverage. List your yard on and  For RVs, you can post listings on the parking apps.