old age

Do you remember a time when growing old was something that happened to other people? Now, you suddenly find yourself living in some sort of bizarro parallel world that you absolutely don’t remember stepping into. You’re in complete denial of the imminent realism of maturity rising. Well, even though you have officially become a member of the Elite Elders Club, you might think you’re still parked on Youth Corner.

Gone are the days when you could eat anything you desired without paying the price. No longer can you strut to work in 3-inch heels. Showing off shapely, varicose-vein-free legs in a short skirt is just a memory. Even worse, you can’t flirt with those office cuties, postal workers, bus drivers, waitstaff, or state troopers who btw, used to rip up speeding tickets just because you flashed a pretty bright smile.

What about that cruel awakening when you can no longer tuck because you’ve been socked with the fact that flat tummies don’t last forever! Then, there is that dreadful day, you know, the time when you looked around the room during an office staff meeting and noticed you were the oldest one in the room by decades!

What can be disheartening is that moment in time when you suddenly realize you’ve crossed that aging threshold and other folks begin classifying you as old. I asked a few 50BOLD readers to share with us that sobering instance when they came to grips with the fact that they were now old.

Cunora Cox-Waltower, 63, Riverview, FL

“I knew I was old when bending down meant having trouble straightening back up!

“I knew I was old when I’d forget why I had entered a room in the first place.


Rolinda J., 63, New York, NY

“I knew I was getting old when my bones began predicting the forecast better than any weatherman!”


Reynold D. Holmes, 61, Brooklyn, NY

“I knew I was old when I could no longer paaartaaay all night long, sleep for two or three hours, bounce up, shower, then go to work like it was part of my natural rhythm. Now, I’m lucky if I can just get up!”


Regina Harmonie Jones, over 57, Englewood, NJ

“I knew I was old when I looked in the mirror and said to myself, ‘Who is that old person staring back at me?’ How could that face in the mirror be mine when I pride myself on having the body of a 26-year-old!”


Dina H. 60, Indianapolis, IN

“I knew I was old when I’d watch one of those award shows and did not know half the celebrities!”

“I knew I was old when I had to consistently ask for help when using a smartphone.”


Dolores Wesson, 56, Fairfield, CT

“I knew I was old when I began adding fiber to my morning meals.”

“I knew I was old when I found myself watching more CNN and less BET.”


Clem Roberts, 54, Bronx, NY 

“I knew I was old when I started obeying the posted speed limits when driving.”


Jo Nathan Pressley, 58, Cincinnati, OH

 “I knew I was old when I would sit on the side of my bed in the morning and give my body a 20-minute pep talk in order to get it moving.”

“I knew I was old when buying a new pair of sneakers meant looking for the velcro kind instead of the ones with laces.”


Lester W., 75, Orangeburg, SC

“I knew I was old when I started telling everyone not to buy me birthday/Christmas gifts because really, what could they possibly give me that I don’t already have at this stage of the game!”


Linda Brown, 55, Cincinnati, OH

“I knew I was old when my boobies started hanging like wet rags and putting on my bra was like playing with silly putty.”

“I knew I was old when my butt started looking like I had marbles in my back pockets.”

“I knew I was old when I had to borrow someone else’s glasses in order to find my own.”


Ramon Alley, 61, New Rochelle, NY

”I knew I was old when I didn’t know any of the Top 10 songs!”


Harriette W., 72, Jamaica, NY

“I knew I was old when I found myself enjoying funerals and thinking they were the next best thing to a reunion!”


Henrietta Jenkins, 70, Charlotte, NC

I knew I was old when folks began telling me how young I look!