Louis Reyes Rivera

Poetry is salve for the soul, it is emptying without exhausting. 50BOLDers appreciate this release on words and here are two poems that we consider ‘Good Stuff ‘…


(For Louis Reyes Rivera)


You dispersed ancestral gems

of knowledge and wisdom


Unleashed illuminating creative energy

to those prepared and ready to continue the work


You have passed on the baton to chosen runners


And will be waiting at the finish line

to welcome home courageous souls

who accomplished what they were born to do


Because of incredible master teachers like you

guiding others to usher in the new


Our time has come

according to the inner drum


Singing to joyful hearts




–By Angela Kinamore


I promise to live my life with passion

each and every day


And treat those with compassion

that I meet along the way


I’ll soar to heights I never thought

that I would ever reach


And every day, in every way

I’ll practice what I preach


I’ll work as hard as I can stand

but I’ll take some time for me


I’ll smell each rose and watch each sunset

each sunrise that I see


I’ll feel the rain, I’ll face the sun

I’ll open up my heart


I’ll finish every project and each program

that I start


And when the day is over

and twilight comes to stay


I’ll have lived my life with passion

every step of the way!


© 2015 by Louise Eagle, reprinted from the poetry book Night Music







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