Just because we are over age 50 does not mean we don’t like looking HOT when we step out this holiday season! Many of us like to keep up with what’s going on style-wise, and bib necklaces are always in fashion.

The bib necklace, an eye-catching oversized jewelry piece, was first worn in ancient Egypt. Like fabric bibs protect clothing from food spills, bib necklaces cover a portion of the chest. They are usually made from a base made of solid metal, metal mesh, fabric, or even leather. They can be painted, enameled, have elements glued or sewn on, or stones soldered in place. In some instances, they feature small flat elements or rings linked together.

Bib necklaces are versatile accessories for every occasion that are sure to add drama to any outfit. Give ’em all something to look at when you strut out the door!

Handmade Multi-Chain Silver Tone Bib Necklace with a Set of Earrings, $32, Cunora’s Accessories
VLA Bib Necklace in Metallic Leather, $127, ArtfulHome.com
Handmade Synthetic Coral V-Shape Red Chandelier Necklace, $40, AeraVida.com
Chico’s Sodalite Bib Necklace, $60, Chicos.com
BAZINRICHE Women’s Lightweight Handmade Bib Necklaces, Ankara Kente Necklace Long Multi Strand, $28, Amazon.com
Boohoo Kristina Gem and Chain Statement Necklace, $28, BooHoo.com