Thoughts While Watching the Sunrise


I feel alive. I feel alive in this moment and in this poem. I am alive. I am everything I’ve dreamed of, anything at all I can be. I am the moon controlling the tides, I am the tides washing ashore, I am the sun heating the sand, I am the wind carrying my words near and far. I am the trees waiting to bear fruit, I am the soil giving small creatures a home. I am alive!


I am so thankful for this moment because I’ve known poverty and sadness. I began to count my blessings and became rich with happiness. I give thanks for the food in my fridge, the air in my lungs, the roof over my head, and the love in my heart. I am most grateful that I have 10 fingers, so that I can sit here and type this.

Namaste dear friends

My morning coffee cup sits beside me, the light from the kitchen window illuminates the golden paint off the wall. I see the God in you, so do not fret, if we do not see eye to eye. Peace, always, because in 10 years, our tranquility will be the only thing worth salvaging.


I am always evolving. Time passes and I move with it, riding the waves of life and carving my way into caves of shelter. I rest there, and I transform. From caterpillar to butterfly, from girl to woman, I am always transforming. Growth is essential, it is okay to not have all the answers, and I continuously transform so that I can meet life head-on with whatever it throws at me.


I am strong. I must remind myself at least 10 times a week that I will not break. For me, there is no creativity, no words, no inspiration, no passion without strength from adversity. Every day, I (try to remember) to say these words. And when I do, I am the ruler of my universe.

Copyright © 2016 by Kai Alexander

Kai Alexander, a New Jersey native is of African-American and Latina descent. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in English honors and a Master’s degree in writing and composition from Seton Hall University. She enjoys writing short stories, poetry, reading fiction, and engaging with people from all walks of life.

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