mind trap

Look Out, Look In


Look out, look in! 

They’re watching  

Watching and waiting  

Checking their traps 

The traps they have set 



Their traps have been set  

with you in mind 

You see their cages filled with people who look just like you?  


But do you see their traps? 


Look out, look out! 

Because their traps have been reset 

In hopes to capture you again 

Yes, they threw you back out into those trap spots  

but are your eyes now free enough to see their traps?  

Their bait?  

Or the hooks hidden therein? 


Look out, look In! 

For their traps have been hidden 

Inside the depths of our minds 

In those mind sets that have us hooked on looking out 

Instead of looking in 


So, look in, look in! 

Cause the slave catchers are outside watching…   


For you to bite the bait 



© 2021 by Calvin Edwards 




Calvin Edwards AKA James Lee is an established writer, poet and author. Calvin’s works have appeared in such periodicals as African Voices Magazine, San Francisco Bay View: National Black Newspaper and 50BOLD.com. He also penned his first book, Whispers in The Mind of a Ghetto Child: Poetic Writings and is in the process of completing his second book, Echoes in the Mind of a Ghetto Child: Black History Repeats Itself. You can find Edwards’ creations and artwork at Etsy and on Instagram.