Denzel Washington in the fl American Gangster
Denzel Washington in the flm American Gangster

Let that Black Man Walk


The Black man’s stance will make you salute.

His stroll will make you stop to look.

His shoulders have a slow methodic rhythm

that allows his waist to stay in control.

His rear flank marches to an unheard cadence,

an unheard cadence that gives him soul.

His head is straight forward, but if he looks

you in the eye…look away, quickly look away.


Let that Black man walk


He lifts his rib cage and his diaphragm takes in

oxygen to let you know he’s getting ready to blow you

away; as that six pack expands out and in, and

in and out. It makes you want to scream and shout.

Put a suit and tie or a dashiki on that man’s body and…


Let that Black man walk.


With a stride filled with confidence, self-assurance, pride,

and a knowing, that his intelligence is getting ready to be

exhibited as soon as he opens his mouth.

As I walked with the tall, strong, muscular, astute Black brother,

I watched others reaction to him. Men were giving him a silent pound

and women wished he was with them and I just smiled.


Let that Black man walk.


The looks all have a special meaning whether it is a walk

towards you to whisk you away; or the look that says

nothing can get in my way. For I am strong, and today

is the day I show my power as I walk through the gates.


Let that Black man walk.


During slavery times, when hangings were common,

legs were dismembered to ensure that a Black man could

not step out of his grave. Fear of the Black man’s walk is

so unfounded, but it is certainly something to see.

The next time the opportunity prevails,

take time to look at that Black man walk.


Let that Black man walk.


By Victoria Huggins Peurifoy

Copyright (c) July 2020


Victoria Huggins Peurifoy is a seasoned sister who is working towards getting a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership. She is a poet, spoken word artist, and author. Victoria is also Writer in Residence at Drexel University.