tree backyard

God is the Tree in My Backyard


God is the tree in my backyard.

When I smile,

it smiles back.

And when I wave,

the green leaves shake.

When I sleep,

it protects me.

When I awake,

I can hear it sing.

God is the tree in my backyard.

It’s big, it’s strong,

it never withers.

It gets better with every season,

through the warmth and the shivers.

There’s a light shining on me.

And it’s telling me to believe,

that all I desire will come to me.

I will never fail.

If I have faith.

I will succeed.

If I do good deeds.

God is the tree in my backyard.

I believe whether I’m happy or sad,

excited or frightened,

my faith does not shake,

it only deepens.

There is nothing I cannot do.

Everything in me is beautiful.

There is nothing in my way.

The key is to pray and not stray.

There is nothing out of reach,

for God is my life’s tree.

As long as I plant the right seeds,

my roots will be strong and free.

As long as I water my beliefs,

my tree will have the greenest leaves.

I am not afraid.

I will never be afraid.

For God is the tree in my backyard.


Copyright © 2021 by Sherline Heriveaux





Sherline Heriveaux is a media, branding, and communications professional. She is also a womanist writer and poet with two forthcoming books: Mauve Musings, a collection of poetry, and Layla and Yara, a children’s book.